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At Echo Group KSA, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your event management and exhibition needs. With our expertise in sound systems, equipment, and engineering, we ensure that your events are truly exceptional. From managing and coordinating events to providing top-notch sound systems and equipment rental, our team is dedicated to delivering seamless and successful experiences. With our professional engineering services and technical support, we guarantee flawless execution and optimal audio quality for your events. Trust Echo Group KSA to provide the services you need to create memorable and impactful experiences.

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Event Management

We work on studying the needs of customers and determining its size and target groups, so it builds the event based on the need and ending with the extent to which it reaches the target group and achieves the goal of the event. Therefore, it creates unique designs and starts manufacturing them on the ground and works on documenting them using the latest audio equipment, lighting devices and remote control cameras using robots and transferring it to the community in a manner befitting the brand of our customers.

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Contracting and Construction

ECHO Construction With passion and experience, Echo Construction was born in 2013 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Echo Contracting is one of the medium-sized companies in the Saudi market It contains different work cadres at all levels, from consultants to workers. Echo Contracting has many projects at all levels, starting from small projects and ending with medium projects

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Production services

ECHO Production Media who’s a leading film production house in the Gulf region. Producing corporate films, documentations, TV programs and social media videos at top international standards , will service your filming and communication needs with diligence, intelligence and creativity. For us, every film is the most important one, every client is our best. We are not only producing great films, we can also help you shape your moving image strategy: with deep experience in media – TV and web – we can advise you how to make sure, that the right people watch your videos.
Echo production our services : Production : With our in-house manufacturing, we can make anything from booths to stages become a reality. Gift –Items Store : Whether it is a stress ball, a personalized leather wallet, or phone covers, we provide them to you to gift or to keep. Branding & Printing Visually, you will always need what attracts the eye of the client. We provide this to satisfy the eye keeping in line with your brand guidelines

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Activation Services

The purpose of brand activation is to establish strong connections between your brand and the audience. Of course, there is no better setup for brand activation than the HQ of a business. This method is most popular among retailers and other brands. They host events in their stores, provide accommodations such as food and drinks, and allow their audience to see and sample products in person. Ideally, people leave the experience with a new appreciation for these brands and how they treat their customers. This form of brand activation is what we can provide for your brand in order to connect the brand with the audience

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Talent management

Show Corporation Ksa Talent management and entertainment company centralize in Saudi Arabia, Serving all kinds of events and special occasions, from festivals, Themed parks, Product launch, dinner, kids & Family events, sports events, malls, wedding. Receptions, holidays, themed events, theaters, live event entertainment programming, themed attractions and much more
Our strength lies in the large number of international leisure projects in which we have gained the primary role in establishing, coordinating and implementing many of their leisure facilities. We design, develop and implement entertainment strategies in order to support desired goals

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Travel Agency

We provide you with a service that will give you peace of mind.
So that you can enjoy your trip. Instead of seeming like a burden,
It will make all the difference for travelers and people seeking holidays.
Who want to try new things without raising concerns about their safety .
We are market leaders in online fraud protection and travel safety.
Our customers appreciate being able to travel safe, luxury

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