The Sound Of your imagination.. We Echo in Reality

Echo Group

To organize exhibitions and conferences

We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re looking to host a corporate conference, exhibition, a wedding, or any other special occasion, we’re here to make it happen.

World class quality

Excellent quality at the best prices.
We provide consultancy for global avant-garde concepts

Project delivery method

Commitment to schedule and fastest delivery in terms of time with the possibility of expedited delivery through intensive work programs


Always Ready

The extensive experience we have achieved through our work, the challenges we faced, the quick solutions that are appropriate to stay on the set plans, and our commitment to a consistent approach to work that puts us in the first ranks in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt

We Manage Best Events

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Perfect planning

We works on studying the needs of customers and determining its size and target groups, so it builds the event based on the need and ending with the extent to which it reaches the target group and achieves the goal of the event

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Strong installation

Possible errors during installation are the main reason for the failure of the project other than possible injuries.
Therefore, we rely in our industry and installation on the use of the best raw materials with the best craftsmen and professionals and under our direct supervision to ensure the readiness before the project delivery to feel reassured and safe

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The Best Equipment
It’s hard to make attendees focus on your brand at fairs and events, but with strong lighting, the best sounds and projectors that catch the audience’s eye to lead your project to its goal. In addition to directing the audience to what you want to show, and show Your brand value
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Service Supplements
During the past ten years, we have developed a lot of services to provide projects from A to Z through our merger with companies working in close fields ,establishment some companies to meet the service in the best way, so we are ready to manufacture some special gifts for your customers and employees, print publications, and manufacture antiques and shapes that meet needs of event from targeting and consolidating the brand identity
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In line with the continuous development of civilization
Exhibition stand

Modern designs

Diverse and unique designs that suit the tastes of the target market, with advanced strategic plans that fit the goal of the project

If you have some ideas that you would like to implement We will be happy to be part of your creativity

The voice of your imagination….We echo in reality


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Our Companies

Event Management

Creates unique designs and installtion them on the ground and works on documenting them using the latest equipment

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Medium-sized company in the Saudi market It contains different work cadres at all levels, from consultants to workers equipment

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activation agency

focuses on creating a genuine relationship between the brand and the consumer instead of just highlighting the product or service

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media production services (films, TV , social media,etc ). our in-house manufacturing, we can make anything from booths to stages. Gift –Items Store : Whether it is a stress ball, a personalized leather wallet, or phone covers, we provide them to you to gift or to keep.

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Talent Agency

Programming of live entertainment events. Our strength lies in the large number of international entertainment projects in which we have acquired the primary role in the creation, coordination and implementation of many international entertainment facilities.

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our services not limited to traditional tourism only. but also introduced all modern tourism services such as (medical tourism – Real estate – transportation services – hotel reservations – flight reservations, etc…..)

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us to be a potential partner you can rely on for all your needs


Most of the projects were built from scratch through our various services to get the best result and achieve the goal. We have enough flexibility to work in different circumstances and to work with different companies if clients requests

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تصميم بوثات ومائلة
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