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National day of Saudi Arabia 93

2023 / 1445

What is the national day in Saudi Arabia

The National Day in Saudi Arabia is an occasion of great importance, as Saudis celebrate it on the 23rd of September every year, and the activities of the National Day in Saudi Arabia are one of the most prominent manifestations that reflect pride and loyalty to the homeland and enhance national belonging

Echo Group Services

National Day Of Saudi Arabia

عروض الترفيه لليوم الوطني

Entertainment Activities

Popular games that affected the ancient Saudi people on National Day 93

مسارح لليوم الوطني السعودي

Figures and Decorations

Ready decorations or specially made by order

هدايا اليوم الوطني السعودي

National Day Gifts

We designed many gifts for the Saudi National Day 93, with a theme dedicated to it

عروض الدرون لليوم الوطني السعودي

Shows and Performers

Live performances from the Saudi heritage , Entertainment and technological shows

وجبات اليوم الوطني السعودي

Popular Food

A wide variety of foods and sweets famous in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, commensurate with the heritage of the National Day

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Event Systems

Everything your event needs from systems to increase effectiveness, aesthetics and impact

why us

Serving Since 2013

Our History

With passion and experience, Echo Group : group of companies aiming to build projects from the ground up was born in 2013 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
With the aim to be a unique provider in the industry and execution all the production project , Echo Group provided its numerous all over the Kingdom where it took part, managed and executed over 360 major projects like international conferences ,entertainment festivals,Showrooms ,theaters ,stages….etc…
And every year during the Saudi National Day, we seek to add a touch to this day in designs commensurate with the event, new entertainment services, and unparalleled offers in the Kingdom at reasonable prices, which made us, thanks to God, the most requested company for these services, strong infrastructure and constant attention to all details Consultations to after-sales services and our group of experts resulted in increasing the reputation of Echo Group Ksa on a large scale, and thus we worked with many foreign companies inside Saudi lands and on the same approach we entered the world of international exhibitions outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we established a branch in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey 
In pursuit of development and completion of all business services for events, conferences, exhibitions, festivals and celebrations within the company, Echo Group Ksa Press and manufacturing workshops were opened, using high-quality raw materials, experts, designers and experienced engineers. We seek to satisfy all our clients.
Until now, we are still striving to develop our services and the events that we work with, and in every event we give it a special touch to match your brand and to achieve all the goals of the event.

Since its opening, Echo was able to gain more trust through its honesty and integrity to reflect the marvelous experience for any client that attend our events and our projects . We maintained the highest level of excellence and standards in all the different modes of projects in a dedicated manner